What Does the Board Do?

meeting-1219533_1280123 Up And Adam’s Board of Directors is a group of individuals that are elected as, representatives of the organization they establish corporate management related policies and to make decisions on major company issues. Basically, the board makes decisions that look out for the financial well- being of our organization. The board also hire’s and fires the executives, and has oversight as to the executive director’s compensation. 123 Up  And Adam, Inc was created to help the Homeless Disabled living In nursing homes and shelters find an alternative place to live. The founder didn’t want to make money and as the first president did not want compensation for working as the organization’s CEO. He also knows that the organization will have to start its Succession planning and that this may mean a whole new board of directors and CEO for the corporation.

123 Up And Adam Inc’s board of directors is also responsible for setting the goals while ensuring adequate resources are at the organization’s disposal and managed well.

The structure and powers of our board can be found in our bylaws, (on another page of this website) the board of directors shall need to include a representation of the clients we serve as well as the interests of our community. Here are two types of directors:

Inside director

This type of director can be the CEO, president, chairman of the board, chief financial officer. These “Inside directors” Have what’s called “Special knowledge” of 123 Up And Adam’s financial matters and other inner workings. If he or she is employed as a “Manager or Executive” Which is referred to as an executive director (not to be confused with the title Executive Director, we use president. Executive directors often have a specified area of responsibility, like finance, marketing, human resources.They are not compensated for their position on the board, as it is seen as a responsibility of their job with us.

Outside director

An “Outside Director” is a person not considered staff of 123 Up And Adam they bring outside experience and perspectives to the board they will provide insights and options. That we as a new nonprofit may not even have thought of they can also, keep an eye on how the organization is run. They can help with disputes between the board and the president.

Our new board of directors will need to be vigilant with whom will be serving as directors of the corporation remember to make decisions that will be beneficial to 123 Up And Adam, Inc and its mission. This will make the decision-making process a lot smoother and give it a chance to accomplish our goals. The Board will meet periodically and at an annual meeting with all board members present were they discuss and make certain decisions. Board memberships are not permanent positions 123 Up And Adam, Inc term limits will be found in our bylaws. As we are starting out 123 Up And Adam, Inc’s board of directors shall need to serve in a management position.

123 Up And Adam has what are called officers and there are three President, Secretary, and Treasurer they will be chosen from among the board of directors at the organization’s first formal or full board meeting. The roles and responsibilities of our officers are clearly defined within these web pages.


The President of 123 Up And Adam, Inc will head up the board and supervises all of the business and affairs of the board. While the President can also serve as the CEO, these two roles are still separate and will not be compensated while holding the officer’s position.


The Secretary of our organization will keep the minutes of the board of directors meetings. He or she will be responsible for keeping track of the activities ensuring that the actions are in accordance with the Bylaws. The Secretary will keep track of the board members’ contact information inform them of meetings and updates.


The Treasurer will keep account of the receipts and disbursements in our books. He or she will be responsible for keeping track of the organization’s financial condition.

An individual can hold two separate offices, with the exception that the President cannot also serve as the Secretary any individual can become a board member of 123 Up And Adam, Inc. There will be a process and guidelines that will help us avoid inurement.

For more on Board of Directors: http://www.mass.gov/ago/docs/nonprofit/guide-for-board-members.pdf

We have a full board now what?

You might be asking now that we have a full board “What will we do next?” “What is financial oversight?” “What will be the organization’s legal duties?” as well as its directors. I know you may be asking these and other questions. I came across a website that has a few books by Richard T. Ingram in one of the he speak’s about “Ten Basic Responsibilities” of Nonprofit Boards. I know it will help you to understand the roles and responsibilities of the board. These responsibilities will help with setting criteria by which we can review our performance and ensure a measure of accountability.

Mission and Purpose

When a Director or staff go out and promote the organization’s cause, he or she must understand not only what we do but why we do it. Reviewing the mission statement so that its Adequacy, Accuracy, and Viability can be clearly expressed. It will need to explain what makes 123 Up And Adam, Inc different from other organizations and present a good reason for why others may want to support it financially. This will be our guide to planning and help with priorities.

Choosing our Executive Director

When choosing 123 Up And Adam’s President / Executive Director, best practice dictates that the board create a search process and think about a “ Prerequisite of Effective Executive Performance” is the board’s recognition of its duty to provide the type of working environment that will enable the organization’s executive staff to succeed. Prior to a search process, the board should review our major strengths and needs; establish specific priorities for the next period of executive leadership; articulate the particular characteristics, skills, we’re looking for in the next executive, establish clear objectives and clarify expectations. The board will need to prepare a job description that includes a response to this fundamental question: Who is the organization’s chief executive? Is it the president or the chair of the board? Is it the Executive Director?

The organization only has three officers why do we have to do this? 123 Up And Adam’s vision is the reason that we must work so hard.

3. Support and Review their Performance

This a board function to support and review their performance our evaluation committee and executive committee shall have a say but, the board as a whole should be satisfied that the chief executive:

  • Receives frequent and constructive feedback
  • Is introduced to other community leaders and organizations
  • Is invited to important social functions
  • Is complimented for exceptional initiatives
  • Is encouraged to take professional and personal leave for renewal
  • Is assisted when members overstep prerogatives or misunderstand their roles
  • Feels that the board is aware of and sensitive to family situations and needs
  • Feels that his/her performance is being assessed in relation to the board’s performance. With regard to informal and formal performance reviews, the board and executive should agree on purposes and processes. This delicate business is helped immeasurably if annual goals and objective are mutually discussed and agreed on; they become the primary criteria for review through informal and candid discussion.

4. Ensure Effective Organizational Planning

The conventional wisdom is that boards should insist that comprehensive organizations plannind is done and done well. So far, so good; but the perplexing questions for board and staff are: 1) who should do it; and 2) how can busy volunteer board members be meaningfully involved in the process? Opinions differ on how these questions should be answered, but there is wide agreement on at least these principles: • Board members must be involved extensively in the planning process if they and the board are to assume proper ownership of the plan and otherwise help to implement many of the plan’s goals and objectives including the acquisition of


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