Welcome Board members
When we say encouragement means a lot! you stepped up to the plate. In the beginning, you asked what the organization was all about and how you could be a part of it. Now the organization’s Mission and Goals are slowly coming together and we are asking you to let us know what you want from the organization, we asking everyone to a commitment  to building a Strategic plan that will herald in a new phase in 123 Up And Adam’s plans to reflect the positives we all want to see in the lives of those we serve. At the present, our board of directors is small.

Say hello to Leshel, our newest and Mary and Vicki who have been here since the beginning.

I am proud of our these three board members, not only are they brave, fantastic, and caring people, they are fun to be around. With them, I believe that 123 Up And Adam, Inc. will continue to grow and contribute to the health care revolution.

Along with being the founder of the organization Manuel is also the president of 123 Up And Adam, Inc. His hard work and dedication is surpassed only by his enthusiasm to communicate, what the organization Stands for and that is 123 Up And Adam, Inc. Mission to help the Homeless men and women of Massachusetts Nursing Homes and Shelters find an Alternative housing option.e look forward to seeking his input and leadership around large and small communications efforts, from how we present ourselves in the world, to enhancing the way we engage with people across different technologies.

123 Up And Adam, Inc. is looking for others seeking to have a leadership role in the organization either on the board or a committee as stewards of the organization you will engage with people and reach out to businesses across the state. As we live up to our organizational vision, let’s remember not just to listen but actually do something no matter how hard it is.

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