123 Up And Adam, Inc Board of Directors is in Luck I came across a great website


I also came across this one; http://www.hrcouncil.ca/home.cfm

Also; http://allthingsadmin.com/administrative-professionals/office-procedures/

Another one to look at  http://cullinanelaw.com/nonprofit-law-basics-what-are-the-duties-of-nonprofit-directors/

There is a lot that the board will need to learn about and here and on the Board & Committee training page I will add more.

To start here is another link to the “Digital media law project” website that has a lot of information for our board members to study up on.  http://www.dmlp.org/legal-guide/nonprofit-organization


I like how our next subject sounds Organizational Development What is it?

This will be a crucial step in the organization’s formation. Why? The reason for this is that when 123 Up And Adam, Inc filed the corporation’s 1023 the founder was used his own money to finance the corporation. When the organization received the I.R.S determination letter now saying that the organization was a 501 (c) (3) it also mentioned that it was a Private Foundation.

This Letter will be posted on this website; Well this means that 123 Up And Adam, Inc will have to now file FORM 8734 and Form 8940 misdetermination. So in the mean time 123 Up And Adam will fill out the Form 990-PF

So in the mean time 123 Up And Adam will fill out the Form 990-PF and continue with What the best Practices of a Private Foundation are these are what we have included here unless otherwise stated. So let’s continue and not “worry over the small stuff” Always keep in mind what our mission is and what goals we have to accomplish the vision.


What the I.R.S has to say about Private Foundations

The board of directors shall need to read this; The link to the publication is:


The I.R.S website has this link where we can find out more about Private Foundations
The board may want to study this even after 123 Up And Adam files for Public charity status




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