Board member Job description’s

What kind of volunteer job’s do we have? 

As far as job descriptions we have President, Secretary, Treasurer, these are the officers then we have the committee chairperson and I will start with that job as the other three are documented within the pages of this website.


The role provides the leadership and responsibility for the Committee.


The chairperson should :

  • Provide oversight and be informed of all organisation activities
  • Be able to develop good relationships
  • Be committed to meeting the overall goals of 123 Up And Adam, Inc
  • Have a working knowledge of the Committees charter, rules and duties of the office
  • Work collaboratively with other Committee members
  • be a good listener and attuned to the interests of members and other interest groups
  • be a good role model and a positive image for the organisation in representing the Committee in other forums


Specific duties include but are not limited to:

  • Chair Committee meetings ensuring that they are run efficiently and effectively
  • Regularly focus the Committee’s attention on matters of Committee governance that relate to its own structure
  • Consult with Committee members on their role, to see how they are going and help them to optimize their contribution
  • Work with the Committee to ensure:
  • The necessary skills are represented on the Committee and that a succession plan is in place to help find new Committee members when required
  • Strategic plans are developed in order to achieve our goals.
  • Work with the President to manage any paid staff including recruitment, retention, salary and performance reviews, etc.
  • Serve as a spokesperson when required
  • Communicate regularly with the President, board and other committees
  • Help develop partnerships with sponsors, funding agencies, local and state government, and with other organizations with like- minded missions.




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