123 Up And Adam, Inc. is a Massachusetts nonprofit corporation, the organization is NOW a 501 (c) (3 ) Private Foundation, according to the I.R.C. 123 Up And Adam, Inc was incorporated on Feb 23, 2015.

Our mission

123 Up And Adam, Inc was incorporated to Help the Homeless Disabled men & women who currently Live in Massachusetts Nursing Homes and Shelters find an alternative place to live. Manuel Martinez the organization’s founder, and a few others believe their need’s to be a change in a system that can use a little help. The organization is made up of a President, Treasurer, and Secretary, All working to make the organization’s mission and goals a reality.

Our Preamble

123 Up And Adam, Inc. will continue to serve our clients and the public interest. We promise to uphold the public’s trust  and to use the organization’s assets prudently. The organization shall strive to raise the level of accountability, transparency, and effectiveness of all of its operations and programs, to inspire trust.

Core Principles

  • 123 Up And Adam will operate with Integrity
  • Our client Rights will be upheld
  • Accountability and Transparency are seen responsibilities and not obligations
  • The organizations financial’s shall be Managed prudently


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